Thursday, August 11, 2016


Heya, lovelies!

First off, I want to apologize for all my indecisiveness. I've always been awful at making decisions, but I like to think this one is coming from the heart! I was so proud of the first published Twisted moreso because I actually finished a book and published it! Now, however, when I compare it to my original idea it just isn't my story. I feel like I've rewritten it entirely, and I guess I was so caught up with finishing it and getting it out there that I forgot the most important thing about writing - is writing what you love.

And I love dark stories!

Also, with the poll I set up last night, and all the response I got in emails and DMs on Twitter, well, to be frank, not one person preferred the published version over the fanfic. Thus, clearly, the people have spoken!

I've made the decision to take the 1st published version down, and around late Fall or the beginning of Winter, put up the new/old version of Twisted, which I can earnestly say that it is indeed the story of Twisted. For those who have read the fanfic - you know what that means.

I've got a manuscript partially written (I say partially written because looking at it, there's going to have to be some major tweaks with some scenes), so I'm going to have the edit the hell out of it, polish it up, and I will use the same cover for the print and Kindle version, but the summary will have to change, too!

But wait - there's more!

So I can't help but feel bad for those who've went out and bought the published version. I feel like in a way they bought a book that wasn't what they thought it was - so I've decided to have another month giveaway before the book comes out.

But here's the catch:

The giveaway will only apply to those who have either won a free book in the other giveaways, or bought their own. We will be using the twitter platform for this, and I will require you to post a photo of the book to prove that you did indeed buy it. I want to give those people a chance to have the REAL Twisted in their hands! More information regarding this will come out as the deadline approaches. But there are the basics for the time being!

I feel in my heart that this is more befitting - I just read the previous manuscript, and my heart swelled because of the characters, of which I changed a lot of in the published version. I can't sit idly by anymore. I know I won't be truly content until it's the Twisted that I know of, and only I know of that!

I'll keep ya'll updated as Fall approaches; my schedule is going to be pretty hectic as of next week - I'm moving into my new apartment, starting my new job the following week, and shortly starting classes again. So yes, I'll have my hands full, which is why I'm projecting it'll take months to have this out - realistically. Anyhow, I hope everyone's having an amazing day! Happy reading!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Readers of Twisted PLEASE READ

Heya, lovelies!

So, I'm going to put everything on the table right now.

I re-read Twisted as the fanfic's troubling me how much I changed the published version - not only the plot, but the characters as well. I felt pressured to enact a lot of changes to avoid cliches, but I've been thinking...the characters in the fic made the story. And now that they're gone, it just...

It doesn't feel like the same Twisted.

July 2015, I had completed a manuscript that was based on the fanfic - and I mean everything was based. I just rewrote the scenes to patch everything up, correcting details and whatnot. But it was Twisted. I stumbled upon that tonight and feel even more torn because come on, the fanfic was a hundred times darker than the new one. I'm starting to wonder that I was so focused on appealing to a newer audience rather than keeping what I loved: a good dark story. 

Anyhow, I'd like to see what other people think - and honestly, don't hold back. For those who've read the published version, or saw the differing summaries, did you like that one better than the fanfic? Or did you like the fanfic better? Here's the link to the poll:

I'm considering pursuing the previous manuscript I had because truth be told, as a writer, I felt that it was more exciting to me. More earnest. But it's so easy to get caught up worrying about what audiences like - what they prefer. And though my writing often terrified people, it was my writing nonetheless, and what I loved to do.

It would mean a lot if you put in your input because, hey, in the end, depending on the poll and how I weigh my options, a truer story of Twisted may be out on Amazon.

Love ya'll,

Friday, June 10, 2016

June 10, 2016

Hiya, lovelies!

I hope everyone's having a great day (or night, for that matter). Anyhow, so for this month's giveaway I sadly had to cancel, for a few reasons. One, practicality. Through Amazon, it would be way too pricey for me to do their method of giveaways - and especially being midway through June, I just don't have the funds to do that. And secondly, the restrictions based on location I felt would leave a lot of people unable to participate, so I'm just going to wait until July to undergo another giveaway! As I said, I'm so sorry for having to cancel. I had gotten SO excited about doing another giveaway, but I hadn't realized how much it would cost in the long run and needless to say, I didn't think it was worth with the limitations and whatnot, unlike my last giveaways. Anyhow, love ya'll! xx


Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016

Hiya, lovelies!

So the giveaway will be starting tomorrow morning at 2 PM my time (here in Texas). I'll wake up early and count down until then, to keep everyone track of time and whatnot!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016




Okay, so along with an excerpt from Twisted, I have news I want to share with everyone! I'm really working to boost this month's sales, so in order to create a buzz, I've decided to do another giveaway - through Amazon! This will be a first-come first serve, where the 1st three will be the lucky winners of the print version of Twisted! This will be taking place THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 10th! SO IN TWO DAYS! However, the only downside is that entrants must be from the United States or District of Columbia.

As of now, I'm not 100% sure what time I'll open the giveaway, but I'll let ya'll know tomorrow! I'm so excited to do this - GAH! I absolutely love hearing that someone's won Twisted! Nothing better than a free book!